Our Story


It all began when Prof. James, SH, Cho became aware of a new type of radar that poised unknown potential in the world of signal processing. People have been using radars for decades to detect large objects far away or detect metal (reflective) signals at a distant. In fact, most chatter around radars are still in measuring distance of cars at the speed of light for ADAS (autonomous vehicle driving technology). But Dr. Cho and his students at the time wanted to push the limits and experiment radical new methods to go beyond just measuring distance.

Fast forward to 2016, a team of 15 Ph.D and Masters degree postgraduate radio signal processing engineers, led by Dr. Cho, successfully published several journals, filed numerous patents and proved to the world that, YES, you CAN count people with radars only. YES, you CAN obtain 95%+ accurate heart rate, YES, you CAN obtain accurate AHI data for sleep apnea monitoring. In fact, a simple google search for “IR-UWB RADAR” will provide results of Youtube videos made by the team (link : Youtube Channel) and several journal publications dating back to 2015 of using IR-UWB RADAR for non-contact heart rate monitoring, people counting, 3D positioning, human gesture recognition and so much more.

Having great technology does not mean it can automatically transform itself into a commercial ready solution. Dr. Cho and the team needed an experienced entrepreneur and a whole new set of team members that can bring the technology to life on a global stage. Despite several attempts to acquire the technology from large conglomerates, Dr. Cho believed that the only way for the solution to find its true potential is to become a start-up and push through on our own. This is when Sam Yang entered the scene. Sam brings 19 years of serial entrepreneur / start-up experience dating back to the dot-com boom era of the late 90’s from Toronto, Canada.

At first, Sam was only interested in how the radar solution can apply to his own start-up, Kairos Watches. After a successful launch in 2014, Kairos Watches was undergoing its own hardships during the “wearable recession” of 2016. It was a time when traditional watchmakers were still on the fence while Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple and Fitbit started to dominate with financial power and rapid productions. Sam and the company, also entertained several interest for an acquisition. Everyone felt that the time wasn’t right and agreed to transition over to co-founding Xandar Kardian.


Xandar is born. One of the biggest challenge for the company was that due to its long years of R&D, there were just so many unique solution offerings. Sam believed that one of the most important thing about a start-up is to have absolute focus and drive, including having a target exit strategy. Due to immediate interest in smart building solutions at the time, Xandar Technologies was created to address this market first.

Almost immediately following the launch of Xandar, companies who have scene Youtube videos of accurate vital sign monitoring and fall detection started to reach out and drive demand. By September of 2017, Kardian Inc. was established to provide health care related solutions.

Soon after, it was more logical to have one legal structure (one company) and we ended up merging the two companies and became “Xandar Kardian Inc.”. These days, we humorously introduce ourselves as the “Hewlett Packard” of radars due to the unique name. But in reality, Xandar Kardian is the “Microsoft” to the radar industry. We don’t make our own hardware. We don’t even make our own cases. Our key proprietary and patented assets are the software (radar signal processing algorithm) that sits on the radar.

Just like how you have MS Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, all doing different tasks on a PC or Mac, Xandar Kardian has various unique and patented algorithms to provide different solutions using radars.


By 2019, the company and the team has matured from its “university R&D” days to becoming a fully organized tech start-up with over 2 years of field experience working in over 14 countries worldwide. We have been selected into Upward Labs Smart Building co-hort for 2019, being one of 8 companies selected worldwide (https://www.moveupward.city/labs). Xandar Kardian is no long a university research solution of 2015. It has matured and enhanced its solution after years of field trials around the world. We are extremely excited about what the future holds for us.

As we embark on this unique journey, please reach out to us and join us. Join us as team members, join us as shareholders or just join us as supporters. We look forward to hearing and knowing you one and all!



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